Malnutrition and Poor Primary Education


Bonjour readers!, This is my very first blog, So I decided to start my blogging journey through addressing prominent issues faced by India – Malnutrition and Poor primary education.

“ Education and nourishment is the passport to the future”. But not all children are blessed to have access to these future defining factors.

Education casts the character of a child whereas squarely sufficient nutrition ensures proper physical and mental development of a child. These two are the key factors in defining the fate of the child if provided appropriately.

Facts and Challenges

The first 6-8 years of a child’s life lasts a life time. These years are globally acknowledged to be the most critical in a child’s development due to rapid pace of development in this phase of life. In these years, child develops social, cognitive and psychomotor competencies.

There are certain official and unofficial surveys and studies that have been carried out to keep an account on country’s  performance in certain areas and what can be done to improve them. Through the concluding reports of the surveys, one thing is certain that the poorest section of the society is caught in a vicious circle of poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy.

One such report known as Food and Nutrition Security Analysis, India 2019 which is conducted by Government of India and United Nations World Food Programme shows that chronicle malnutrition is at 38.4% among children whereas the percentage of under-weight and anemic young children are 35.7% and 58.5% respectively.

According to the Economic Survey 2019-20, primary level and upper primary school dropouts are 10% and 17.5% respectively. Some of the major issues for such dropouts are:

  1. Economically weaker families
  2. Unavailability of girl’s toilets
  3. Expenditure on schooling in India is one of the highest among other countries which includes books, uniform, transportation etc.

Bihar has the highest rate of dropouts among Indian states due to its low GDP.

Government’s Take on the issue

Indian government is well aware of the fact that its their obligation to impel people to send their children to school and have a nutritious meal. So that their future gleams like the white moon in the night sky. Hence they have initiated several programmes to tempt more and more people to send their children to school and have a balanced diet. Some of those programmes are :

  1. Mid day meal scheme.
  2. National Nutrition Mission
  3. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
  4. Right to Education

Outwitting Contemporaries

Despite hefty steps taken by Indian Government, it is not very likely that these issues of malnutrition and poor primary education are going anywhere in the near future. So the question arises, Are the knots of these issues inextricable from the threads of our society?

Well No, there is Japan which has tackled the situation of malnutrition beautifully by providing healthy meal in the  school along with recreation activities in the school which keeps the children healthy and fit for the daily routine. In another case there is Finland which has the best primary education system as it has built comprehensive educational system with no dead ends. Finland’s education system is based on several core principles like equal and free access to the education for all  and teaching concept based on learning through play.

My Rumination

When it comes to eradicating primary education and malnutrition, we can not rely on government alone as if we as an individual won’t back our government, the government will be incapacitated permanently. So in order to eradicate malnutrition and poor primary education, we as an individual should :

  • encourage healthier food choices to our close ones
  • snacking on healthy food
  • encourage exercises
  • fund the educational institutions
  • primary sections should be turned into learning centric play areas
  • encourage children to explore different facets of early learning.

I hope that these thoughts of mine are worth asking for your time investment.

Thank you!

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